Everyone has doubts.  If you are not a follower of Jesus you may doubt his reality and goodness.  People who do not follow Jesus are not the only ones that doubt.  Even those who have followed Jesus for decades have doubts.  It is not that we doubt God’s goodness or His ability, but sometimes we doubt whether He will come through in certain situations in life.  This series is designed to help us answer questions that arise when we doubt.


This is a stand alone message form Lewis Miller.

This message deals with our doubt in the area of finances and is to help us move from a mindset of iGot to give, to iGet to give.

Sometimes we doubt our abilities. One negative event, one negative comment, or one negative thought and suddenly we doubt.  And those doubt can cripple us from ever becoming all that God created us to be.  This message is to help us move from thinking iCan’t to iCan make a difference.

Jesus knew that the culture He needed to create for sustainability could not be created in crowds. Crowds don’t create culture, crowds follow culture. So He invested the bulk of His time in twelve men that would change the world.  This example that Jesus set for us by showing us small groups community is important is vitally important to our own faith journey.  iCan’t do it alone, but WeCan.